Health Tip
What you eat

The adage 'you are what you eat' speaks volumes of wisdom, but have you ever tried to pay attention to what you eat? Try a week of meal journaling: write what you eat and drink. You may want to add space for how you feel after each item. You may start to notice physical reactions or subtle changes in mood that can tune you in to foods you may want to avoid. This little experiment can also reveal our unpleasant habits with clarity: are we drinking sugary sodas all day, gorging on unhealthy snacks between healthy meals, or eating high calorie foods with little nutritional value? The first step of making positive changes in your diet and nutritional intake is to become really aware of what you are eating.

"Don't dig your grave with your knife and fork." - English proverb


Benefits One Group Integrated Network, Inc. (BEGIN), created by one of the founders of the CAM PPO of America, is a credentialed national alternative medicine network of providers. The expanded scope of BEGIN allows for the integration of wellness programs and services to enhance our integrated approach to workplace health which offers employers additional options.

BEGIN works with companies interested in offering complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) benefit options, wellness incentives, and integrated health and wellness education to employees. BEGIN maintains an exclusive focus on building a comprehensive, holistic medicine network, ensuring that employees have access to qualified CAM practitioners, while being provided with the support and education required to positively impact an individual’s health. BEGIN is intended to guide and encourage CAM use to promote overall health and wellness in the workplace for employers of any size in any location throughout the country.

BEGIN can be the face of your wellness initiative, providing health coaching, on-line and on-site presentations, access to integrative health practitioners and services, news, resources, and education, as well as lend its services to existing or branded employer efforts already in place.

BEGIN Background

Seven years ago, the founders of AdvoCare Group, a family of companies that provides comprehensive solutions to workplace injury and absence, responded to a major corporate request to build a network of CAM providers for its employees as part of their medical benefits package. With enthusiasm and the sole willingness to embark on this uncharted territory, AdvoCare Group developed and engineered a credentialed network that now includes 2500+ CAM providers throughout the country.

AdvoCare Group has been an innovator and leader in its comprehensive approach to workplace injury, disease, disability and absence management. Its founders, clinical and administrative professionals with backgrounds in nursing, vocational rehabilitation, and workers’ compensation developed the family of companies through a core belief in an integrated approach to workplace health and wellness solutions — all of which lead to health care cost containment, increased productivity, and employee engagement. This very model is the foundation of the successful journey that has led to BEGIN.

BEGIN is an enhanced, comprehensive approach to health through access to alternative medicine therapies integrated with conventional medical practices. BEGIN is the culmination of an extensive credentialed network, national access to a diverse range of services, education, and now, a wellness offering that expands the value of a truly integrated approach to workforce health.

Our Mission

Our mission at Benefits One Group Integrated Network is to provide a comprehensive and dynamic complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) network. We aim to establish parameters that ensure the best possible quality control and care to patients while providing ongoing oversight of credentialing standards to maintain compliance with practice criteria.

Our Vision

Our vision is to endow individual empowerment through expanded choices for complementary and alternative medical care. We identify and credential the most qualified CAM practitioners and make their services available at an affordable cost to patients.

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All panel members of BEGIN have fulfilled the credentialing requirements of BEGIN or an active organization (PPO) similar to BEGIN. Since it is most difficult to substantiate the information on a DAILY basis, BEGIN RECOMMENDS THAT PATIENTS (BY ASKING THE OFFICE MANAGER PRIOR TO USING THE SERVICES) VALIDATE THE CURRENT STANDING OF ANY FACET OF THE PROVIDER'S CREDENTIALS, INCLUDING IN-FORCE LIABILITY INSURANCE, IF THERE IS A CONCERN.

BEGIN cannot accept liability for licensing terminations or insurance defaults that may not have been reported.